Guernica - a short dance film for SFBallet's New Works Festival


I am exactly in the middle of two film shoots for "Unbound", San Francisco Ballet's New Works Festival coming in April 2018.  SFB chose 12 choreographers to make 12 new 30 minute works which will premiere in four programs over the course of two weeks in April.  It's an exciting burst of new creation for this company which is already known for consistently commissioning new pieces by well known, new and diverse choreographers.  

I am directing two short dance films based on the stage ballets by two of the choreographers:  Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Alonzo King.  I could not be more thrilled to be creating art films from the work these two very different and important choreographers have created for the stage.  

We shot the film based on Annabelle's piece, "Guernica" on November 5th.  She was inspired by the Pablo Picasso painting with the same title, and choreographed a gorgeous ballet with mythological characters that move with punctuated, angular steps, sweeping swings and lifts and distinct group formations that convey drama, challenge, and resolution.  The short dance film I'm making will show separately from the ballet in various events SFBallet has planned leading up to the live performance, as well as online when the ballet premieres.  We have just finished a rough cut of the edit, and are now diving into the deeper details of making it... well what can I say but.... really cool. 

Annabelle is a Columbian-Belgian, award winning and sought after choreographer, having made works for over 50 dance companies around the world.   

I will be shooting the Alonzo King piece on January 9th, and will write another post about that soon!  Stay tuned.

guernica still 01.png