the moroccan project


Princess Grace winners Meredith Webster and Corey Scott Gilbert of LINES Ballet dance Alonzo King’s The Moroccan Project

I saw The Moroccan Project on stage, and was mesmerized by it.  So I met Alonzo King and asked him if I could make a video of some of his work. I was thrilled to work with Meredith and Corey who adapted into a duet this section of the dance in which all 12 company members danced in the stage version. 

The Challenge

Meredith is 5’11” and Corey is 6’5”, so keeping them on camera during the lifts was a challenge!


Director: Kate Duhamel
Dancers: Meredith Webster, Corey Scott-Gilbert
Choreography: Alonzo King
Composer: El Hamideen
Director of Photography: Jim Iacona
Video Editor: Daisy Morin