Director: Kate Duhamel
Dancers: Lizzy Powell, Lonnie Weeks
Choreography: Dana Genshaft, Liz Miner, Brian Gibbs
Music: “Rebellion” by Arcade Fire
Director of Photography: Jeff Springer
Editor/Visual Effects: Patrick Gleason



Lizzy Powell and Lonnie Weeks of San Francisco Ballet dance to Rebellion by Arcade Fire

I chose this song by Arcade Fire because its rhythm, lyrics and overall cool factor make it perfect for a modern ballet dance video. Liz Miner gathered the dancers and her friends Dana and Brian to do choreography, and we all showed up on set for two days to work in “real time.” This is the second video I have made with Patrick Gleason, who brings a fantastic level of technical skill and true artistry to the edit.

the challenge

Creating visual effects that enhance the film.