Director: Kate Duhamel
Dancing and Choreography: Jason Samuels Smith
Director of Photography: Francisco Escobar
Editor/Motion GRFX: Patrick Gleason


Shot in 2011 at Harlem Tap Studio, Harlem, New York. Jason Samuels Smith creates a one-man ensemble, tapping to Bob James’ classic jazz song, Nautilus. After Kaleidoscope, Jason and I wanted to make another dance video together.  We originally had the idea for him to tap out different rhythms, which we would combine in the edit to make a strictly percussive piece of tapping.  He chose Nautilus to have in his ear buds so he had something to tap to, but we didn’t anticipate actually using the song in the final video.  Not only did it quickly become obvious we needed the music to make the piece work, but why not use this great, classic song by Bob James!