Director: Kate Duhamel
Choreography and Performance: Pascal Molat and Matisse Molat
Original Music: Ben Joudvalkis
Editor: Clayton Worfolk
Director of Photography: Jesse Dana
Second Camera: Mike Epple
Camera Assistant: Sydney Cox
Gaffer: Drew Nelson
Production Music: Ben Stewart


Santa Barbara Fine Arts Film Festival:  Winner, Best Dance Film
Dance on Camera – New York City
San Francisco Dance Film Festival
San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema
Flying Frame Film Festival
Krafta International Documentary Festival
Swedish International Film Festival
Borga International Video Dance Festival
Wine Country Film Festival
Citizen Jane Film Festival

Molat and Molat -
going to LA

This is the story of Pascal Molat dancing, as told by Matisse Molat, age 5

We made this film during Pascal Molat's final year as classical ballet dancer for San Francisco Ballet. He wanted to incorporate his love of contemporary ballet and hip hop into the choreography for the film. I wanted to find a way to include his charming son Matisse because I felt like it completes a full circle for Pascal who started dancing when he was a boy. When Pascal was 11 years old, he chose dancing over soccer, which he was also extremely good at, because he enjoyed performing on stage so much. I recorded Matisse's casual conversation about soccer, his father's stage roles, and everything else a five year old likes to talk about while I played soccer alone with him in his back yard. From all of those pieces, we made this film. Enjoy!

the challenge

Finding a way to include Pascal’s son, and finding a narrative thread for the film.