Director: Kate Duhamel
Dancers:  Garen Scribner, Sergio Benvindo “BamBam” Jr.
Director of Photography: John Chater
Editor: Kate Duhamel
Original Music: Ben Joudvalkis
Assistant Producer: Margaret Kar


San Francisco Dance Film Festival, 2013
Sans Souci Dance Film Festival, 2014

lion - night and day


Garen Scribner and Sergio Benvindo “BamBam” Junior express the stealth elegance and handsomness of lions to original music by Ben Joudvalkis

Garen had been wanting to work with Jr. for a long time, and also to stretch his improvisation muscles. During the shoot, Ben played all sorts of different music that came to his mind or that Garen and Jr. asked for. Ben and I created the music for the film afterwards, completely separately from the shoot.

the challenge

Our goal was to allow for improvisation in dance and music while shooting.