Director: Kate Duhamel
Shot by: Austin Rhodes on Red cameras in San Francisco, 2013
Editor: Clayton Worfolk
Visual Effects: Casey Hupke


San Francisco Dance Film Festival
LOIKKA - Finland

les twins | the ballerina sessions

Les Twins (Larry and Laurent Bourgeois) dance with San Francisco Ballet Principal ballerinas, Sarah Van Patten and Dores Andre

This shoot was amazing – all four of these dancers are among, if not THE best in the world at what they do, from two very different genres of dance. Spending the day watching them improvise around, between and over each other with such fluidity, inventiveness and humor was more fun than I can describe.

I put this film on YouTube and it’s had over 500,000 views across the various places it’s shown – the one I posted, and all those other ones people post for themselves. I am flattered that so many people want to post it, but geez, I wish they would ask!

the challenge

Combining hip hop and classical ballet on screen together.  Working with Les Twins!

Le Twins prelude | the ballerina sessions

These were actual full takes from our film shoot.  The Twins danced to this music first with Dores and then with Sarah, and we’ve just cut between them.  It gives a real sense of their incredible talent in improvising.

les twins | opposing forces

Chris Guyot went to town with editing, graphic effects, and the music mash-up for this film using some of the footage we shot for the Ballerina Sessions.