follow the leader

Shot in 2010 in San Francisco Bay Area, CA. Breakdance legends Ruen and Crumbs dance to Follow the Leader by Eric B & Rakim. I wanted to work with breakdancers, and plan to do more with them on camera!  I found Ruen and Crumbs in LA, and really liked their style and moves.  I learned later what huge legends they are in the breaking community.  Crumbs chose the song, and they came to San Francisco for two days of shooting this video.  The shots from below were shot through a plexi-glass platform they danced on top of in a green screen studio.  The street shots were jammed into a half day of running around San Francisco, and we also shot a bunch of night shots we didn’t use.  Breakdancers work in phrases of dance, and so we had freedom in editing to put things where we wanted, which was actually a lot harder for Tim to edit than if it were laid out for him.  Sometimes you can have too much choice!


Director: Kate Duhamel
Dancing and Choreography: Ruen – Ronnie Navaro, Crumbs – Donnie Counts
Music: Follow the Leader, Eric B and Rakim
Director of Photography: Jim Iacona
Video Editor: Tim Hahn