Ballet Sun Valley - World Premiere - August 24, 2017

The new ballet for which I did projection and set design premiered at Ballet Sun Valley on August 24th.  Gemma Bond from ABT was the choreographer, and Judd Greenstein wrote a complex and varied new score for the live orchestra.   It was all quite ambitious for a summer dance festival, but it came off beautifully!  The cast was big with 15 dancers, and starred Isabella Boylston and Marcelo Gomes in the leads.  The title of the ballet, "eight/twenty-one/seventeen" is the date of the actual solar eclipse that took place on August 21st.  We were all lucky that Sun Valley was directly in the path of Totality, andI I hiked up Dollar Mountain to watch it with Judd and orchestra conductor Martin West (from San Francisco Ballet).  As a projection designer, lets just say I was thinking that Mother Nature sets a high bar for light shows.  Seeing the gorgeous full corona was special.  

Gemma wanted the ballet to be abstract, and include a platform for dancers to be above the stage level, so we set  a circle element behind the platform.  I used simple, bright moving color bands, color gradients and ripples in the video design to express the moods and changes in the music.

Isabella Boylston made her debut as Artistic Director for the two night event.  The full cast of dancers she invited was unbelievable:  Misty Copeland, Tiler Peck, Maria Kotchekova, Stella Abrera, Ida Praetorias, Tyler Angle, James Whiteside, Xander Parish, Kimin Kim and more.  The performances were in the outdoor Sun Valley Pavilion which was a perfect place for this incredibly exciting new summer dance festival.

Backstage with Isabella Boylston and Marcelo Gomes on the first night. 

Backstage with Isabella Boylston and Marcelo Gomes on the first night. 

Molat & Molat on tour with Dance On Camera in Washington

Molat & Molat continues on its festival journey for Dance on Camera’s traveling film festival and will show at the Rose Theater in Port Townsend, Washington on May 6th before a feature film, “Dancing with the Stars”.


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World Premiere Ballet at Ballet Sun Valley - August, 2017

Here's a new article about Ballet Sun Valley and the event coming up this summer:

I'm working away on video and set design with the team, and with Isabella Boylston and choreographer, Gemma Bond for the new ballet that will have it's world premiere there on August 24th, 2017. 

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This summer, Isabella Boylston, the American Ballet Theater principal, will realize a dream, to bring ballet to her hometown, Sun Valley, Idaho. Ballet Sun Valley, a three-day event with performances Aug. 22 and 24 at the Sun Valley Pavilion, and free classes for children on Aug. 23, will feature dancers from major companies, including Ballet Theater, New York City Ballet, the Royal Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and the Mariinsky Ballet. 

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Eclipse at Ballet Sun Valley

Ballet Sun Valley is a new entity presenting two nights of ballet at the Sun Valley Pavilion on August 22 and 24, 2017.  Isabella Boylston, Principal Ballerina of American Ballet Theater is the Artistic Director, and is programming two nights of extraordinary ballet with world renown dancers from ABT, NYCB, San Francisco Ballet, Dutch National Ballet, the Royal and others.  The first evening will feature a variety of short  segments from longer well known ballets. 

The second evening will feature the world premiere of a new work called "Eclipse".  Up and coming choreographer, Gemma Bond, also a dancer at ABT, is creating the work to an original score by musician Judd Greenstein.  I am doing video design, which means creating animated images that will play throughout the ballet and be projected on set elements.  It's very much akin to the video design work I did in "Swimmer" for SFBallet in 2015.  

The title and concept for the new work reference the total solar eclipse of the sun which will happen on the night before (August 21), for which Sun Valley happens to be the best location in the entire world for viewing.  It's been a ton of fun working with Isabella and others to bring this event to life, and I am thrilled to be working on another video design project for a stage ballet.  Stay tuned - I'll be sending updates along the way!