Director: Kate Duhamel
Editor/Visual Effects: Paul Fuller
Director of Photography: Joe Piccard
2nd Camera: Dan Soderberg
Music: "This Unfolds" by Four Tet


Cucalorus Film Festival 2014

boy wonder - move me

Boy Wonder (Joe Zielazinski) making magic.VFX artist Paul Fuller brings Boy Wonder's thoughts to life.

I saw Joe dance at a competition and loved his his smooth to popping moves. He was so clean and yet mesmerizing at the same time. We used a Knect to track his movement for help in making the animations. The clouds he “creates” at the end of this film are killer – thanks Paul Fuller!

the challenge

Adding real visual effects to a hip hopper’s movement to convey his thoughts.

behind the scenes

Boy Wonder discusses how he creates movement and what he’s thinking about while dancing.