Director: Kate Duhamel
Dancers:  Garen Scribner, Lonnie Weeks, Sean Bennett, Madison Keesler, Alex Jenkins, and Jordan Drew
Choreographer: Yuri Zhukov
Director of Photography: Peter Chang
Steadicam: Pedro Guimaraes
Stereographer: Anthony Shafer
1st AC and editor: Paul Leeming
Music: "The Four Sections" by Steve Reich



Six dancers sailing above the Golden Gate Bridge

“Aloft” is a collaboration between producer/director Kate Duhamel, choreographer Yuri Zhukov, and Golden Gate 3D to create an original 3D dance video. The piece was inspired by the America’s Cup sailboat races which were hosted in San Francisco in 2013, and my desire to express the beauty and grace of the fastest sailboats on Earth through dance.

the challenge

Making a 3D dance film.  It’s harder than I thought!