Dirge – the inspiration

“Dirge” was commissioned by Channel 4 in the UK last October, and aired on March 6th.  They originally asked me to submit three ideas.  I had two ideas at the time (Boy Wonder which we shot in October and is now in post, and the second is shooting in June with Damian Smith), but I [...]

Happy New Year!

Before getting swooped entirely into the new year, I invite you to take a little tour down F3F’s memory lane for 2013 – some highlights:  shooting LES TWINS in THE BALLERINA SESSIONS in January, while finishing up LION – NIGHT AND DAY.  We snuck in a promotional video for LINES Ballet in April, while planning to [...]


We finished “Dirge” this morning, and are shipping it off to Channel 4 in the UK for the dance programming strand that the Ballet Boyz curate.  While it is a somber piece set in a forest with 12 dancers moving around a bottomless hole in a modern interpretation of a funeral dance, making it was [...]


Just wrapped on the Boy Wonder shoot and now I’m focusing my attention in a completely different direction! I recently received word from the Ballet Boyz that I will receive a grant from Channel 4 in the UK to make a dance film.  They wanted 3 proposals, and they chose one I call “Dirge”, which is [...]

“Aloft” in 3D

I got to see “Aloft” in 3D on the big screen in front of a real audience at the San Francisco Dance Screen Festival couple weeks ago when it played as a short before Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake in 3D.  Seeing your work that way is filmmaker nirvana, but what was thought provoking was that [...]


“MM-AJ-SF” is the current title of our Michael Montgomery, Alex Jenkins in San Francisco dance film.   The title may not survive if we need something easier to say and remember, but the film itself is in the can, and it feels to me like its alive, kicking and well.  When Michael said to me a [...]

Amazing San Francisco Shoot!

Sometimes things go right. Our shoot last week with Michael Montgomery from LINES Ballet (and soon to be one of 7X7 Magazine’s “20 Under 40”) and Alex Jenkins was in the zone. When your biggest problem during a day of green screen shooting is that the dancers wore holes in their socks, but there is [...]