Editing!  We are buried editing the two pieces we have shot  in the last couple months –  the first is Black & White (working title) with Garen Scribner and Sergio Bevindo (aka Bam Bam), and the second is Les Twins.  Since we shot Les Twins on the Red Epic camera, there is a LOT of prep work going on to ready the footage for editing.  B&W is almost done, and as happens so often in editing, it seemed to reveal itself to us slowly, evolving into two pieces as opposite from each other as possible.  The first piece, called Lion, is slow, mostly black, ominous and natural.  The second is fast, white, upbeat and musical.  Our musician, Ben, has to create a sound “bridge”, making sense of the move from one to the next.  He claims he likes working with filmmakers because they ask him to do things that no musician would ever ask.  I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not, but at least its a good example of what happens when different art forms collaborate.  Until then, we’re shaving the picture, frame by frame, honing it to create a flow and rhythm that hopefully makes it all look easy.