The shoot on December 17-18 went extremely well, and now I’m carefully reviewing all the footage.  When you see this film, you will see why the typically long and arduous task of watching and labeling film footage is not exactly torture on this one –  a perk of working with  world class dancers.  I’m also mulling over all the questions that dance filmmakers face, and that most artists undoubtedly face at some point.  To be totally honest, and at some risk of striking fear in the hearts of everyone who has participated on this film so far, the big question is, “What am I actually creating?”   Because we set up this shoot to allow the dancers and musician to improvise, I did not define a mood, a story line or a set of objectives before the shoot.  Now that all this footage is in my hands, its my job to shape it – not only beautifully, but also purposely.  The dancers are beyond gorgeous, but documenting what would be better seen in person misses the point of making a film.  An artistic film has to go further, using the medium to create interest, perspective and rhythm that can only exist on film.  If I achieve that, perhaps I will have achieved beauty.  But what about purpose?  More to the point, what will this film SAY?

For me, art is communication, using moving images and music as my voice.  It’s a juicy challenge, and one with more than one outcome for this footage.  Perhaps a trilogy is brewing…  My objective is to create something worthy of the dancers, with a harmony and integrity that even the most mystified of dance skeptics will feel in their bones – a film for which I can say without reservation,  ”There, you see, this had to exist.”